Mythic Oracle


The bold fantasy styling of the  Mythic Oracle deck goes beyond traditional serious tarot cards to offer fascinating entertainment and real guidance in matters of love, creativity, family, and fulfillment through the ancient, timeless wisdom of Greek mythology.As exciting as they are insightful, the Greek gods, Titans, heroes, and magical beings of the Mythic Oracle deck reflect all types of human nature, and it is through their stories that we can better understand ourselves.

Now, you can gain deeper insight into what is happening in your life, what is needed, and what comes next. With forty-five beautifully illustrated cards and a simple, straightforward guidebook, you can get started right away, whether you are a devout scholar of Greek mythology or new to the subject. The guidebook features descriptions of the myths, their interpretations, and instructions on how to give accurate readings for yourself and others.

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Carisa Mellado & Michele-Lee Phelan

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04/09/2012 00:00


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